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Teach Learn Web Skills Proficiency Test Skills Proficiency Test Skills Proficiency Assessment® is a Formative Test that provides the framework for each student’s Personalized Learning Plan.

Consisting of a unique combination of standardized tests and diagnostic tools,'s comprehensive Skills Assessment will highlight academic strengths and help us to uncover each student’s problem areas. We'll review the results of the assessment with you and use them as a framework for tailoring a Personalized Learning Plan for your child.

Discover the advantages of the Skills Proficiency Test.
Helps pinpoint problem areas

Academic subjects don't exist in isolation. Addressing what "someone thinks the problem is" in one subject does not uniformly remediate or enrich a child's school studies. For instance, a student might be struggling in math because he cannot read word problems. Without the Skills Proficiency Test, a tutor could mistakenly spend time covering math units, when the most pressing needs are in reading.

Spans multiple subject areas

Problems in school are rarely limited to one subject. While trouble in one subject may be more obvious than another, more often than not, the Skills Proficiency Test will cover skill gaps in other subject areas too.

Serves as a motivational tool

The Skills Proficiency Test provides us with a solid starting point as we participate in your child's academic program. Regular re-testing will help us demonstrate real progress and build your child's confidence and motivation.

Provides regular progress reports

The results of the Skills Proficiency Test are used in creating personalized worksheets, and content. This assessment is the basis for determining and proving the success of the student’s work with portal. The results are also used to ensure performance guarantee has been met.

At, we create an individualized learning plan that develops the skills, habits and attitudes your child needs for lifelong success. Contact us to get started today!


  Skills Proficiency Test: Class5 :: Math

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