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Why should I join is an online learning portal that is dedicated to provide quality learning content and assessment solutions to students and educators of classes 1-10 in different subjects and for different curriculums.

Our content is developed based on 21st century framework that caters to the learning needs of students. Our high-quality study content is in the form of Multimedia-visual study material, Presentations, Class notes, Mind Maps along with unique skill wise worksheets to help in the overall development of the student.

How much time will I need to spend on is available 24x7. The sole purpose of this portal is to supplement your teaching and learning resources. We believe there is a positive relation between time spent on this portal and achievement levels.

What all does offer?

We offer curriculum specific and class specific content and assessment in addition to Learning Skills assessments and Personalized Learning Plans. For details of our resources, please review the Features page.

Where can I view the videos & animations for my class?

  • Casual unregistered users can review our demos.
  • Registered users upon login can review the first topic of each class.
  • Subscribed users can review the complete class related animation and visual content for the span of their subscription.

How will Class Notes help me prepare for my exams?

Class Notes give students an understanding of What, How and Why the sub-topic is relevant with examples and problems which can be used as ready reckoners before exams. However the notes need to be used with discretion. Our notes are concise, end-of-chapter highlights that will help you to quickly revise the main concepts just before an exam. These ready-to-use Class Notes are complete with diagrams and simple illustrations to help in quickly understanding key concepts.

How will Skill Diagnostic Tests and Personalized Learning Plan help me?

Skill Diagnostic Tests will help in understanding your weak and strong learning skills. This will generate a personalized learning plan that includes automated worksheets based on your weak skills. By practicing the worksheets which are as per your syllabus, you can master the concept in a much easier method.

Which Board curriculum do you follow? has a huge repository of content. We can map the content and other artifacts to multiple curriculums across the world.

Will all topics be covered in detail in the content that you offer?

Our content can be mapped to any curriculum and syllabus. For every single topic, our content provides a multi-dimensional perspective – Animations and Visuals, Presentations, Class Notes, Worksheets, Mind maps,tests etc. However, there may be gaps in these Multi-dimensional resources based on the relevance of the topic for that particular resource format. Some resource formats are more apt for specific subjects and topics than others.

Do you provide any tests other than learning material?

Yes, we have a comprehensive range of assessments that meets any board standards like CCE:

  • Diagnostic Test – A unique assessment that helps identify weak and strong learning skills. This test will help provide appropriate remediation through personalized worksheets (sub-topic level) which is a part of the learning plan.
  • Subject Test – This test covers all the topics within a subject and ranges from 10 questions to 100 questions which can be taken multiple times that helps identify the topics in which the student is weak.
  • Topic Test – This test includes questions for all the sub-topics within a topic and ranges from 10 questions/test to 50 questions/test.
  • Sub Topic Level Worksheets – These worksheets will give enough practice even at a minute level.

How will the Reports help me to evaluate my performance on the tests?

The performance report not only shows the marks obtained by you in that particular test but also gives a graphical representation of the weak and strong skills. This performance report also contains a detailed question wise report which mentions the skill tested in the question and your choice. The performance reports on thus help assess preparation levels accurately, and take timely remediation action, if required. Our worksheets, Topic end tests, Subject level tests based on the CCE and other formats provide the much needed practice and confidence.

What are the different resources meant for teachers/educators?

Our resources supplement and complement teaching. They are integral to creating lesson plans. Our presentations and testing engines help teacher’s present material in class and prepare quizzes and tests very efficiently. Our Skill Diagnostic test brings the much needed uniqueness into the classroom by being able to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses for the teacher to be able to plan and provide remedial solutions.

How do I join Teach Learn Web?

To be a part of, one has to go through a simple registration procedure that is absolutely FREE. The following steps are to be followed for registration:

  • Open in a browser
  • Click on Log In if you are an existing user
  • If you are a new user Register by clicking on Join Now on the home page
  • An activation email will be sent.
  • All registered users upon Log In will be taken to their Dashboard.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password you can request for the password to be sent to your registered email address by clicking on Forgot password? Link on home page. Post clicking the link you will receive a confirmation message about the email sent to the registered email address.

How do I change my password?

To change your password please Log In to your account and click on the My Profile Option tab. Select Change Password

How can I edit/update My Profile details?

  • In order to edit/update My Profile, you need to first Log In to and then
  • click on My Profile tab.
  • Edit Profile and Save your account details.

I am unable to listen to the audio and/or view the videos

If you did not purchase a class, as a registered user you will be able to see only the first topic for each class.

If you have purchased a class subscription and you are unable to listen to the audio or view the video on our portal,

How can I download or print my class content or reports?

You will not be able to download or print the subscribed course content or assessments. However, the Learning Skills and Styles reports can be printed or downloaded.

I tried opening the portal and I see everything scrambled. What should I do?

Web browsers usually store the pages visited in the cache memory. The mentioned issue also occurs when the browser cookies aren’t loaded properly. Therefore, please press CTRL+F5 to refresh the page. Also, delete the cookies and cache by selecting the settings option in the web browser.

Do I need a broadband connection to use

For proper functioning of the portal we recommend that you should have a broadband connection.
✓ Recommended connection: 512 kbps & above
✓ Minimum connection speed: 256 kbps
Though the portal works at lower connection speeds, for an optimum learning experience it is recommended that you have at least the minimum connection speeds specified above.

What is the most compatible system configuration for using runs fine on Windows XP, Vista, 7 etc. The site is also functional on Linux platforms like Ubuntu, Cent, Fedora etc. The functionality of the site purely depends on the browsers and their flash compatibility.

Can I access the portal on Ipad, Digital Tablets and Mobile Phones? portal has been customized for desktops PCs and Laptops. Our coming versions will be compatible on multiple platforms including Ipads, Digital Tablets and Mobile Phones.

If I face any problem with the portal, whom do I contact and how?

If you face any problem on our portal, please contact by sending us an e-mail at or call us at 8008525252

What is the difference between Registered and Subscribed/Paid user?

Registered User: A user who has availed FREE registration and joined by clicking
Join Now is referred as a registered user.
Registered users are provided with:
✓ A personalized dashboard.
✓ Can review all curriculum and classes 1 to 10 syllabus at a sub-topic level.
✓ Can access the Demo Videos for all the classes.

Subscribed/Paid User:
✓ A subscribed user is one who has purchased at least one class subscription.
✓ By purchasing a class subscription for any one curriculum, the user gets complete access to all topics in the    purchased class and one topic only access for the remaining classes.
✓ All subscribed users are considered to be registered users.

Can I access any content if I am not a registered user?

Certainly, you can review our Features and Demos. However, registration is a simple process and FREE.

How can I subscribe on

✓ Go to purchase page
✓ Select your Board and Class and later the Package of your choice and click on Buy Now
✓ If you are a registered user, click on payment

What are the payment modes that you accept?

For Online Payment:
Enter your card details or account details on the subsequent page on the payment gateway and submit the details. Paying through your credit/debit card and Internet bank account is completely safe at The successful payments will be activated immediately.

For Offline Payment:
Cheque/DD: Simply draw a Cheque/Demand Draft in favour of "Consolidated Education Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd" payable at Visakhapatnam. You can send it to our office at 3-30, Ocean Drive Layout, Gudlavanipalem, Sagar Nagar, Visakhapatnam-530045. Please mention order-id, username and contact details at the back of your cheque.

Cheque/Cash deposit at SBI branch:
Amount can be deposited in cash or through cheque at your nearest State Bank of India branch. Please make a cheque in favour of "Consolidated Education Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd” and after depositing the funds send an email with the transaction details (Date of Payment, Amount and Transaction ID).

If I buy any course, for how long will it be valid?

Your paid subscription for all Courses is valid for that academic year or the next based on the date of subscription. All subscriptions are valid until April 30th of the following year. Any subscription till 30th December 2015 is valid till April 30th 2016.

How secure is the payment that I make through your portal?

We are using payment gateway of CCAvenue which are secure gateways as accredited by Verisign, agency providing SSL certificates to portals and payment gateways. As an additional measure of security you will have to enter a password after entering your credit/debit card details. This is an attempt to curtail the misuse of your credit card even if gets lost or stolen!

Can I get a refund for cancellation?

Once a product/service has been purchased by you, will not be able to provide any refund, either in full or in part. We suggest that prior to making a purchase decision you go through the demos and other free content available on the portal.

I am interested in purchasing the subscription. Is there a discount?

We sincerely appreciate your interest in purchasing a subscription.
As of now, a student can purchase using the following pricing structures:
Direct Purchase on the portal:
✓ For subscriptions purchased on the portal, the price is offered at Rs 999 (Honors Pack)
and Rs 499 (Success pack).
Purchase through School:

✓ You can have your school register with us as a “Preferred Partner” and avail the subscription at Rs 125 per month (paid one time – annually).

✓ We have seasonal discounts. Please register to receive promotional information regularly.

✓ We suggest you contact 8008525252 for discounts.

What is the difference between Honors Package and Success Package?

Honor Package provides a comprehensive solution that includes:
Personalized Level Resources
✓ Diagnostic Test in Math, Science and English
✓ Personalized Online Worksheets
Class Level Resources
✓ Sub-topic Level
✓ Topic Level
✓ Subject Level
Success Package provides limited learning resources. Please review the Purchase page and the Features page for additional information.

Do you accept monthly/quarterly payment?

Unfortunately we do not offer structured payment. All payments have to be made at the time of subscription which is for one academic year.

Do we have to pay any additional charges other than the price mentioned online?

The price mentioned online is final and includes all taxes and charges. Hence the payment of the mentioned price will entitle you for a valid subscription.

Is there a different price to renew the subscription?

Offers on subscriptions and renewals change from time to time. Therefore, based on the offer available at the time renewal the customer can decide to renew the packages. Alternatively, you can always call the customer support to find out the current discounts.

43,000+ Animations

20,000+ Presentations

1,00,000+ Worksheets (Skill based, General, Short Answer Questions)

Course specific Class notes, Mind Maps and Concept Maps

Tests Proficiency Test, Topic level Test and Subject wise Test

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