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Teach Learn Web Content Mapping Add Sub-Topics

“One size does not fit all,” is the premise of all products and services. To each according to their need - Students and Educators can individually suggest additional sub-topics that they want to be added to their subscribed account without any extra charge. has a huge repository of content (over 40,000 animation – video modules, more than 20,000 presentations, over 1,00,000 worksheets and more..) that can be mapped to any curriculum or syllabus in the world. understands that for the Board Exams (e.g. 10th standard) the text books and syllabus are standard across. However, for all other classes 1 - 10 each school/educator adopts different text books by different authors from different publishers for different courses. One common stand alone syllabus may not cover 100% of each educator’s /student’s requirement. Therefore, has given the flexibility to both teachers and students to suggest additional sub-topics they want to be added to their account.

We are building new tools that will enable educators to map content (animations, presentations, class notes, work sheets, and more...) to their own standalone syllabus online.


Teach Learn Web Content Mapping

43,000+ Animations

20,000+ Presentations

1,00,000+ Worksheets (Skill based, General, Short Answer Questions)

Course specific Class notes, Mind Maps and Concept Maps

Tests Proficiency Test, Topic level Test and Subject wise Test

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All Rights Reserved © 2014