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Teach Learn Web E-Learning (Teacher Content) E-Learning (Teacher Content)

Manage Knowledge Assets

Teach Learn web E-Learning (Teacher Resources)In addition to delivering educator generated content, this platform can be utilized for homework, assessment, for communication and for collaboration with and between students.

Feature Rich E-Learning

An entirely Web-based feature set that gives you the tools necessary to deliver dynamic training for immediate learner access to your organization's knowledge base. Standard features include: system administration, course management, user profile maintenance, assessment, collaboration and reporting.

Accelerate Training Delivery

Individual departments can quickly create, deliver, and manage dynamic training for immediate learner access to time-critical information. LMS provides the tools, guidance and structure to enable authorized personnel, with limited technical knowledge, to deliver training themselves.


Teach Learn Web Content Mapping

43,000+ Animations

20,000+ Presentations

1,00,000+ Worksheets (Skill based, General, Short Answer Questions)

Course specific Class notes, Mind Maps and Concept Maps

Tests Proficiency Test, Topic level Test and Subject wise Test

All Rights Reserved © 2014
All Rights Reserved © 2014